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Scott Thompson's Charity Run March 2012

The Bet

"The roads, the traffic, the heat, the humidity; you've got no chance, 100 dollars says you can't do it"... and so it was that a joke became a fund raising challenge.

My Challenge

The challenge will be to run from Bali to Jakarta in 25 days and to raise as much funds as possible in support of underprivileged children.

How far?

The run is approximately 1250 kms and I've set a target of running an ultra-marathon distance every day. This equates to 50 kms per day for 25 days straight, the equivalent of 30 marathons... just as well I'm sitting typing this as I've got sore legs just thinking about!


The run will start on the 8th of March 2012, and all going well I hope to finish in time for Sunday Brunch on the 1st of April. Which happens to be April's Fool Day, the irony of it all!The Route

Instead of opting for the easy option and flying back on Garuda, I will leave from the domestic terminal at Bali airport on foot on the 8th of March and run home to Jakarta.

The run will take me north for 3 days to catch the Bali Straits ferry at Gilimanuk for the crossing to Banyuwangi-Ketapang. From there, I will follow the road and traffic north and then turn west on my run across East Java, Central Java and on to West Java, before finally making my way into Jakarta.

The route will not change although the daily distances as shown on 'The Route' may vary, mostly to avoid sleeping in the back of the support car or having to pitch a tent at the side of the road.

Fund Raising

My aim is quite simple; to raise as much money as possible for 2 wonderful charities by attempting something no one (at least not on record) has done before.

My cross country trip will be self funded, so every rupiah raised will go to where it is needed. Please also note there are no administrative charges placed on the funds received; your donation will go exactly where you want it to go, all 100% of it.

To find out more about fund raising opportunities and further information on the YCAB Foundation and Mary's Cancer Kiddies then please see 'Fund Raising'

My Journal

The plan is to carry a GPS to count off the kilometers and allow for daily progress reports to be posted on my 'Blog & Pics'. I will also carry a camera so there should be plenty of photos of traffic and hopefully a few of volcanoes.

Contact Details

Should you wish to hear more about the challenge and how you can support the run, then please feel free to 'Get in Touch' or if it suits please drop an email to

Many-many thanks for your support. 

Running along the Equator

* Java, the13th largest Island on the planet

* Temperature +32C / 90F

* Humidity +75%

* Average daily run rate - 50kms

* Consecutive marathons - 30

* Number of days - 25

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