Running Bali to Jakarta

Final blog post for Running Bali to Jakarta

April 29, 2012
Time has marched on and I need to move on too by closing out my Running Bali to Jakarta project. The past month has given me ample time to rest up, catch up on all the things I missed during the run and to reflect back on what an incredible experience it proved to be. Also since finishing my run I've managed to get a head to toe (and knee) medical. I'm delighted to say folks I've been given a clean bill of health. You could say that's a green light to start preparation and planning on another fund raising challenge, what do you think?!

I do like that idea and funny enough I've got a couple of things in mind;-) Will first though need time to chill and of course I'll need to secure two more green lights from Laura and Bababear before I can get serious about what's the next best thing?

Closing out now with one of my favourite photos, one that sums up the Running Bali to Jakarta experience for me.

Take care, all the best then to friends new and old, and one last RB2J thank you - THANK YOU. Done.

Yours in Berlariterus...

PS: Will be in touch

Fund raising - total raised Rp3.8 billion

April 29, 2012

My dream was a simply one; start running in Bali and stop when I get to Jakarta and hopefully raise buckets of awareness and as much money as possible along the way. All up, the return-in-invested-effort has been valued at Rp8.5 billion (media coverage plus funds raised)!!

Which makes me wonder if it was possible to create this scale of return by Running Bali to Jakarta, then what's stopping Berlariterus from taking on another $100 challenge in the future? Hmmmmmmm...

One final Berlariterus thank you to all that partnered, supported and sponsored my run. Your generosity has been incredible, thank you from the bottom, middle and top of my heart.

Yours in Berlariterus...

Raising awareness - media coverage valued at Rp4.7 Billion

April 29, 2012
(Note below from YCAB - report attached to Media page)

Dear sponsors and partners,

Please find attached the media coverage reports for Berlari Terus.
Please note that the valuation is based on the published rate for ads in the media (based on the size of prints, total seconds for electronic media)
multiplied by 3.

For the whole project, we are pleased to note that Berlari Terus: Bali to Jakarta raised a lot of awareness and got Rp 4.7 billion worth of media coverage.

Thank you all and kind regards,

Ira - YCAB

(For my RB2J dream to have become a reality and then been as successful as it was, it had less to do with my own efforts and more to do with the efforts of Vera, Ira and the whole YCAB team. You guys were amazing, thank you for all your support and for giving me the most memorable finish possible. A day I will never forget, thank YOU)

BERLARI TERUS, a few more photos....

April 2, 2012


April 2, 2012

Day 25

April 1, 2012
All over folks, my RB2J project is complete. 1239km in total and the most amazing day to finish. Thank YOU for making it so special. I promise to follow up with a final report and photos in the next day so. Take care and stay safe. It's good to be home:-)!

Yours in Berlariterus....

Day 24

March 31, 2012
If I thought yesterday was quick then today was over in the blink of an eye. After averaging almost 52kms per day for 23 consecutive days I only had to work my way through 27kms today. It was all over in no time with the help of 7 friends from Senayan Runners (thanks to Riena, Park, Richard, Timo, Yuda, Heru and Ira). Once again I had the support out on the road of Peter and Vera (YCAB) both running and cycling from start to finish, thanks guys. Early on in the run we had a 5 minute stop at Achilles Radial's factory (one of my Gold Sponsors) to meet up with staff and employees. Managed a few photographs before heading back onto the road with our running group now expanded to over 100!
I also have my Mum and Dad out from Scotland!! They"ve been with me the past 2 days which has been very special indeed - just lovely to be able to share the final few days with you both, thanks Mum and Dad for coming out for an early summer:-). A great day then which leaves me the final 25kms to take my overall RB2J run total to 1239kms. I can now say that it has been a very loonnnggggg run!
This project has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I believe the most demanding physically and mentally. I feel very fortunate to have met so many kind people along the way and seen so many memorable sights. At the moment my memory is a little muddled but over time will unravel to leave an indelible warm and remarkable experience on my conscience. You have been too kind to Berlariterus. Thank you so much for looking out for me on the road and supporting me the whole way.
As I've mentioned before, running home from Bali was only ever about raising money, and with the help and generosity of many the current fund raising total sits at an unbelievable Rp3.8billion (which equates to almost US$420,000)! Thank YOU all for believing in my project.
So that's it folks, 1 more run to get me into the centre of Jakarta. This final run tomorrow will see me close out at Senayan (next to the driving range on Jl. Sudirman) at around 8.30am. I believe there will be a few of the YCAB kids joining the run and also at the finish a few of the MCK kids will be present. I can't wait to see you all.
Yours in Berlariterus...

PHOTOS OF DAY 23, so much closer to the Big Durian......

March 30, 2012

DAY 23

March 30, 2012
Day 23 over, 53kms and 1187km in total. Today you'll will be delighted to hear was ALL downhill, not literally but it came so easy... knew it would happen eventually, haha.
It would also appear that I'm a day ahead of schedule(!) with only around 50kms or so to go to the finish at Senayan. The decision to push on and finish through the night or tomorrow sometime was taken out of my hands with YCAB kindly arranging a run in on Sunday morning. Thanks again guys. Been told 600 people have already signed up to run with Berlariterus, unreal, I'm honestly humbled and honoured by all the fuss, thank you.
So tomorrow will be a short run of 25kms or so, to leave me with the same again on Sunday morning. I simply can't comprehend that I've ran my last 50kms and will hang up the old running shoes;-) For a while anyway!
It will be an even bigger shock to the system to get into the office on Monday and back to reality. I actually can't wait. It has been an amazing 23 days on the road but it's time now to return to a bit of normality.
My end of the agreement of running from Bali to Jakarta with the many sponsors and supporters is just about done, with a short day tomorrow I'll try to give a brief update on the fund raising appeal.
2 sleeps and 2 short runs to go.
Yours in berlariterus...


March 29, 2012


March 29, 2012


DAY 22

March 29, 2012
Well after yesterday's shocker today proved to be 'it never always gets worse'. The body truly is amazing, not sure how you can go from my state of body (and mind) yesterday to running with ease today and probably closing out one of the quickest days over the past 3 weeks. Got no idea how that works but glad to have kept my chin to chest an muddled on through a particularly bad patch.
My big mate Krzys must take some of the credit for my rapid rebound with his surprise trip out last night. He did an awesome job of supporting me with his chat for the entire day, cheers mate. A great day it was (in the sun, aye) with the best pint of hot builders tea every produced (thanks Krzys) and all washed down with a packet of Hobnobs!
So all up 1134kms, 54kms for today and I'd say less than 116kms to the finish;-) I can't wait as you can imagine.
BTW for anyone that is interested and in Jakarta I will be finishing around 8.30am at the eastern car park at Seyanan (next to the golf driving range and the baseball arena) on Sunday morning. For those that would like to join me for the last 21, 10 or 5kms please do get in touch with YCAB ( they have done an amazing job of arranging a finish for me, a very lucky boy, thank you. Of course would love to see you all out there on Sunday.
Yours in Berlariterus...

DAY 21

March 29, 2012
I thought today might happen but not so close to finishing line, what an absolute nightmare, apart from the first 15kms, up to passing under the sign for the Big Durian.
I think someone told me it was all downhill after Cirebon and I believed them. Something like 'you'll now be able to cruise into Jakarta'!?  Hmmm, makes me wonder, certainly no easy finish but will try my best to seek it out.
Today has been nothing but sun, heat and traffic from start to finish. It has been relentless and so oppressive that it beats any single blistering day in the Sahara race.
There was no shade from the sun, nor cover from my suffering in public; absolute unmitigated grind that will be sure to stay with me for a very long time.
Here's hoping my memory serves me well in the future and to help give it a jolt, I asked P'Wawan to take a photo of me shivering in bed... A storming finish to the day, not!  Perhaps I should frame the photo as a deterrent, but then again my misery doesn't quite show on the digital image. Haha, never again, shivering tired and sore but Day 21 is done, good for another 55kms that's 1080kms all up since I left Bali airport. Thank goodness we can now move on to Day 22.
Yours in Berlariterus...

DAY 20

March 29, 2012
Hitting day 20 and the 1000km milestone was good, but nobody told me about the 'brickwall' standing just past it, lol. My knee decided it was not better after all and I pushed on for 53kms in the blistering heat (wonder how many times I've mentioned the HEAT), sorry broken record I know, but today was unbelievably hot and humid. I believe I probably felt the heat more today as I was on own for the first time in 5 days. On an a high though,  I had the best steak sandwich ever in Cirebon (Enak Sekali).
Thanks to all you good people that have been donating during my run. I am hoping to post an update before I finish which I believe will put us over US$400,000. Overwhelmed by the support I have received for my run, thank YOU so-so much.
Yours in Berlariterus...

DAY 19

March 29, 2012
Probably my best since pre Situbundo which seems a long way back now. I had David again for company, was super to have him again. Well done David and thank you pushing me along to day 20. Finished up on 50kms which leaves me just south of a major milestone at 972kms. Really not sure if i should air this but my right knee is feeling much better:-)
Yours in Berlariterus...


March 25, 2012

DAY 18

March 25, 2012
Another cloudless scorcher in equatorial Java. The combination of the relentless heat and the humidity means I struggle to keep my fluid intake high enough to balance the loss and to ensure my electrolytes stay on an even keel. Not sure, think might have picked up a wee urinal tract infection, a very minor one mind and best keep that to ourselves;-) Otherwise today was all about counting the kms off on the way to Tegal. I made it and got a great surprise along the way when and old friend pitched up for a run at the 20km point. Brilliant timing David, thank you so much for coming all the way out from Jakarta, really appreciate you being around. So there you go, day 18 over with and another 50kms. Today's effort lifts my total to 922kms and brings the 1000km milestone a touch closer.
Yours in Berlariterus...

DAY 17

March 25, 2012
Day 17 over with and 100kms clocked up for the past 2 days. We're now sitting on 872kms and in 2.5 days I should have the province of West Java in my sights.
After the carnival atmosphere of yesterday's run, today was back to chin on chest and pushing forward on my own. However got a massive boost with John joining me mid run for +20kms and carrying me forward with his craic before rushing off back to Semarang airport. Thanks mate.
Ok, on to tomorrow. Target is Tegal and another 50kms.
Yours in berlariterus...


March 25, 2012

DAY 16

March 25, 2012
Today was a special day with 16 people flying to Semarang to offer their support, a lucky boy, thank you all.
Vera and Peter flew in with family and their bikes and did a great job in cycling along with us. Mr Farhan was also in town and I noticed he was in a pair of shorts and running shoes and think might have joined us for a few kms.
On the run it was amazing to have the support of Kyle, John, Mark, Daniel, Helen and Kath. Really thrilled you guys made the effort of flying down just to run most of the day!! I also had Steven running too, somehow he managed to fly from and to Jakarta today and still got in 20 or more kms.
And finally a special thank you to P'Budi and Andry for all your help leading up to this point, it was great to see you along the route the past 2 days. Thank you too for all the Pisang Raja.
Safe to say I went to bed tired as usual but happy and content, thank you for your support, it really meant a lot to see you all in Semarang.
Yours in berlariterus...


March 23, 2012

DAY 15

March 23, 2012
Hope you've all had a good week and now set for your long weekend (public holiday tomorrow for those in Indonesia). On my side I can't complain, still on track and achieved my target today of 50kms which lifts the total to 772kms. A little disappointed we got routed north around Semarang today and missed out on seeing the city. Not to worry, we still finished up west of Semarang with focus for the next 4 or 5 days pushing on towards Cirebon:-)
Yours in Berlariterus...

DAY 14

March 22, 2012
Today I saw my first road sign for Jakarta! It was totally unexpected with so many kms still to cover, but it gave me a nice jolt and a sent a shiver down my spine as I passed under it.
The sun was out all day yet I felt significantly stronger than the day before finishing up with my longest run to date of 62kms - I can't believe only 29kms to Semarang and total to date of 722kms
A short post today, got a few things to attend to tonight. For one thing yesterday and today's run has created a number of new hot spots and blisters on the feet and I'll need to 'tread' carefully over the coming day.
Yours in berlariterus...

DAY 13

March 20, 2012
Deary me, today should have been relatively easy judging by the weather when I started off this morning, the scenery was stunning on the left and right; a truly beautiful part of the world.
Indeed lovely and cool for most of the morning (probably still 30C) but as the breeze died away so did my second wind. Wonder where they went? I can now vouch for the well known kids song 'the hip bone is connected to the knee bone'..... and for the first time since starting out 13 days ago I was forced into a walk before a scheduled pit stop. My right quad muscle was misbehaving massively. Anyhow I still got in 51kms today, the first and last km as always were the longest but the most pleasant. 661kms. Day 14 now beckons.
Yours in Berlariterus...

DAY 12

March 20, 2012
Day 12 - 610kms covered.
The result of that effort is a blistered left foot, left achilles not great but we waddle on, left knee sore, right knee a mess, shin splints on the right calf, right hip sakit sekali. So pretty much everything south of the belly button malfunctioning. But worst of all are my love handles! I worked pretty hard on gaining weight beforehand (thinking I'd lose it in the first week) but after almost 2 weeks I'm still carrying those chunky side stores, what is that all about?!!
Closing out today puts me at the halfway point,  feel that it's far from all downhill though. My thoughts are becoming clearer for I realised today it has been 2 weeks since I consumed some chillies and drank some of that gold coloured stuff that comes in green bottles and small cans;-) That in itself must be a PB for me!!
Today I crossed the provincial border into Central Java. Leaving behind East Java which was emotional considering all that had passed. I've struggled for most of it but have received truly amazing support which heartened and hardened my resolve - Jawa Timur, terima kasih banyak.
Now for a week or so in Central Java, can't wait.
Yours in Berlariterus...

DAY 11

March 18, 2012
It was a late start today and a corresponding late finish, nonetheless 54kms and that bit closer to home. Although with the one way road system in Tuban I'm sure I did a few extra kms than I had to by going inland to work my way through the centre of Town and then back out to the main coastal road. Not to worry, I'm in the hands of the police so happy to be guided along by what they deem to be the most appropriate route.
Running in the tropics as you can imagine requires constant management of the heat and humidity, particularly if lumbering on through midday and into the afternoon. Today was another day where I consumed upwards of 12 litres of fluid yet only had one tree/pee/wee stop all day (best not tell my mother lol).
Getting my fluids and fuel on board plus attending to my knees is made all the easier with a fantastic support crew overseen by P'Wawan, an absolute star and I can't thank him enough for all his help. Equally so, I must thank the G4S (P'Bayu and P'Warindi) and Medic One guys (Christian from Bali Airport to Surabaya and now Vani) for their efforts. They are so professional in looking out for my well being but don't hold back when it comes to helping out at every pit stop. The final member of my support crew is a young physiotherapist called Hendri from Surabaya Sport Physiotherapy. You're all doing a grand job, many thanks indeed.
Yours in Berlariterus...

Having a whale of a time!!........

March 18, 2012

Day 10 pics.....

March 18, 2012

DAY 10

March 18, 2012
Mrs Berlariterus arrived today and some tough-loving was the order of the day as I was sent to the bathroom mirror and told not to leave 'til head, face, nose and ears were shaved/trimmed. Her no nonsense approach continued with instructions on where to self-apply nappy rash powders and creams! It was great to see Lau and my bababear; love you both to the moon and back. I finished today with 46kms, my earliest finish to date which was nice especially as I got to walk and run with my two favourite girls who came so well prepared in their FitFlops!! My total kms covered now at 503:-)  On to day 11.
Yours in Berlariterus...


March 18, 2012

All going well will be home for Sunday Brunch, 1st April

Scott Thompson Hmmm, my description; lets say I'm middle aged of medium height, with hairy ears yet mostly bald. Husband to Lau, father to Kyra (my beautiful bababear) and live in one of the best cities on the planet! My middle name is not Forrest or Gump (its actually Scott!) and I'm not running towards or away from anything. I am kept busy as a director with Harum Energy and run to keep fit the rest of time (according to my lovely wife). Last year raised money for charity (MCK) when I ran in the 250km Sahara Desert race and it left me thinking what's next... running from Bali to Jakarta seemed like the next best thing!