Photograph by http://Audreywidyanata.wordpress.com - GoodLife Magazine)

It's always easier talking about it than actually doing it! That said, I do believe Running Bali to Jakarta will be tough little exercise [a nervous laugh you will have missed], for as someone mentioned the other day 'if it was easy, then someone else would have done it'. Clearly there will be more than a few dark moments on the run, but will aim to brighten things up by comparing the pain and discomfort to the hopelessness many kids face every single day. Kids constantly struggling to survive through no fault of their own and in need of just a little help - a fighting chance as I put it, no matter their personal circumstances.

The saying goes 'that no matter what accomplishments you make in life, somebody helped you'. How true is that, so please help me help as many kids as possible.

Talking for myself, I've certainly had my fair share of help getting to this point in my Beralariterus journey. At times over the past 6 months, the journey has been a numbing grind, not just for me but for those around me and it has been tough keeping all the balls in the air. Perhaps on the odd (very odd) occasion a ball has slipped through my juggling fingers. Therefore to Mrs Berlariterus & Bababear all I can say is thank you for your support and LYBTTMAB!! 

Yours in Berlari Terus...

PS: Running Stats for last week: 171kms, managed 137kms over Friday-Sunday. The hard training is now done and dusted. Now officially in taper;-)
PSS: Will report on the logistics soon, yet to find the time. But can't believe I fly to Bali 3 weeks on Tuesday