To be completely honest, it's not been a great week for clocking up the mileage. I knew this week would be low, but heading back to Jakarta now and will try and bounce back quickly. Looking forward to the warmth of Indonesia and seeing my two girls; I've missed them both. 

Had a lovely day yesterday catching up with Ibu dan Bakap saya (Mum and Dad) and also sneaked in a nice 20k run this morning out along the shore-front. The temperature was somewhat cooler than Jakarta at -1C with steam reeking up off the Firth of Clyde - an absolute scorcher for Scotland in November! 

It's so true, training (really) is the opposite of hoping'... best I keep that in mind to compensate for my quiet week (75ks). 123 days to go.

Berlari Terus ('aja)