Thanks for dropping in.

My apologies first off for the tardiness re my weekly report, I've been busy, but there again so have we all. I'm just 2 days behind with my update and it's always better late than never hey. Okaydokay, my total kms for last week were 105, again short of my target due to one excuse or another - appears to be a common theme, will try and make up for the shortfall this week.

My long training run last Saturday was a fair effort though, 52kms and almost 6 hours on the hoof. A major issue will obvious be maintaining proper hydration in the heat and humidity of the tropics. Next up will probably be my sweat (read rub) management. Within a very short period the running gear is trenched in sweat and then grime kicked up from the road ends up in awkward creases causing friction sores against the wet clothes; enough said. Any lubricating/cleansing tips will be taken in good faith/humour;-). Really must approach Unilever re good-old Vasoline.

However, probably the single biggest issue will be maintaining a healthy state of mind. The running conditions, time and distance I experienced last Saturday will be close to what I'll be doing 13 weeks from now, except the following morning I'll be repeating the experience another 24 times!

It has been said by others regarding ultra events that "Success depends on the ability to sustain discomfort for prolonged periods, whether it's hours or days or many days, it's just that. And all it takes to relieve the the pain is to stop... or jump on the back of an Ojek (motorcycle taxi) [LOL] - and that's what your fighting against, all the time." A BlueBird taxi will do just as nicely with cool AC and comfy seats;-). 

So what else? Well I managed to make the press in the UK this past week with a short article in the Irvine Times, a local town newspaper in the west coast of Scotland and another piece in one of the largest selling newspapers in Scotland, the Daily Record 

Think I'll set up a media page on my website in the hope that I'll be able to get a bit more press coverage between now and the 8th of March. BTW, I'm also up and running with twitter (@berlariterus) and will use this social channel to provide commentary leading up to my run and more importantly to provide regular updates while actually Running-Bali-to-Jakarta. Please sign up if you haven't already, many thanks.

Yours in Berlari Terus!