With lots on I've been meaning to put a blog update out. But you know how it is, time just keeps 'running' away.

Anyway, I'm pleased to say it's been a magic week for Berlari Terus both in terms of publicity and the amount of funds raised. The body thank goodness is still holding out too - but only just. Reckon I'll need to tread carefully as I hobble my way through the 50 day mark and beyond. With regards to my training programme I finished the week with a long run of 52kms on Saturday and as I was a bit sore down the one side (or was it down both sides?) I decided to give myself another day off, however still conjured up 122kms for the week. 

For sure I'm pushing my daily efforts and feel I'm close to my limits, which raises more questions than answers but leads me to a quote I've attributed to Peggy Kean
'what is for you, will not go by you'. Meaning stay grounded and accept what will be, will be. But then temper that acceptance with something else my Auld Granny would say 'you don't do anything by half measures'. So there it is. A constant seesaw to get myself set as best as I possibly can both physically and mentally. 

On the appeal side we've managed to raise a whopping Rp554,425,000 (or at today's exchange rates US$61,000)! Absolutely top-dollar to be in this position at this stage of the appeal. Thus on behalf of YCAB and MCK and all the kids that are supported by these great organisations, thank you so much for your support so far!

You may have picked up from my twitter that Diageo and Guinness have very generously doubled their sponsorship from Rp50 Million to Rp100 million which places their logo on the front of my t-shirt. Yes 'Good things [do] come to those that wait', thank you Guinness and John Galvin for your super support.   

I'd barely had time to digest the Guinness news when John Su at ICAP got in touch requesting advertising space for their logo on the front of my t-shirt as well. For those that don't know ICAP is a world leading interdealer broker. Thrilled to have ICAP on board as a Gold Sponsor, thanks again John.

Therefore with 7 weeks to go we now have 2 confirmed gold sponsors on the front of my t-shirt and on the back there will be 6 silver sponsor logos. I can definitely say my running shirt is filling up nicely; just as well I'll be wearing an X-large to give room for hopefully more sponsors:-)

The last piece of news is that we heard Guinness Book of Records rejected Berlari Terus' application to set a Bali to Jakarta run time record. No reason given but can only surmise the verification process was all too complicated - I'm glad in a way it has been rejected as setting records was not my reason for the challenge (although I do accept going for a record would have helped with the promotion at the front end). Not to worry, will happily roll on without it.

And finally in case you missed it on twitter, below are the respective links to The Jakarta Globe and Jakarta Expat articles from last week - many thanks to Zach Petersen and Angela Richardson for your support.  
http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/lifeandtimes/running-from-bali-to-jakarta-for-charity/490604  &  http://jakartaexpat.biz/travel/run-scott-run/

Yours in Berlari Terus...

PS: My one way ticket to Bali was issued today... I'm running back for sure!