This morning was a tad hectic, but I still squeezed in 20ks between the remembrance service and lunch - it certainly makes a difference to the morning run rate when you have a quiet night in, feet up with a good book and simply relax over a mug of hot coco.

Right, my weekly kms. As a result of Saturday's effort I managed to grab 66ks for the weekend and 101ks all up for the week. I'm happy enough considering had 2 days off.

Saturday's run was all that I expected of it, loads and loads of traffic; ran through Depok which was particularly busy as well as Mampang. For those that don't know Jakarta, I basically ran across the greater Jakarta metropolis from south to the north, and you could say (rather loosely) that I passed the population of Scotland three times over! You can guess correctly that this involves a significant amount of traffic. Suppose traffic will be part and parcel of my Bali to Jakarta run, but I'll enjoy getting back to the quiet trails and hills of Bukit Sentul next weekend.

I should clarify my earlier post when I said I had company last time with Ojek and Grean-Tea. Now this wasn't a case of sitting on the back of a motorcycle taxi with bottle of iced tea to hand. Grean-Tea is an old friend that now lives in Singapore and had a taste for a carbo rich drink that starts with H and finishes on N... wonder if they would be interested in some post run sponsorship? My other good friend Ojek, now resides in Kenya where I'm sure his fondness for motorised taxis endures to this day. Enough said.
Hopefully will have some positive news this week on the sponorship front.

Berlari terus!