All good folks, managing to stay injure free although my spare belly starting to get in the way of my arm swing lol. Ok, a slight exaggeration, but do think I've gained a few pounds these past weeks. I was generous and decided to give my legs a day off on Monday, reckon they enjoyed that no end. For sure the rest of my body enjoyed the extra hour of sleep followed by a yummy breakfast in bed (I know I know, spoiled at every opportunity).

For the week up to Sunday I managed 120 kms and then followed my rest day with a 20k run yesterday morning and 12ks clocked this morning. Got 20ks planned for tomorrow, 10ks on Friday which hopefully sets me up for a good last weekend before the festive break.

We're staying in town (Bali for a few days) as I need to save my leave for my challenge - 12 weeks/84 days to go. We've got my brother down from Hong Kong and also a good friend is flying in from South Africa 'DDGAV', so that will be nice, can't wait to see them both... think I might get forced off the treadmill and onto the golf course to earn some easy money;-).

However, the coolest thing about training over the holiday break will be breaking in the latest and best gear from Adidas: the official running shoe and clothing partner for 'Running Bali to Jakarta'. An 'Impossible is Nothing' big thank you to Adidas!

Anyway folks, safe travels, enjoy the year end break and all the best to you and yours. Wishing you all the best for 2012.

Berlari Terus!