It sounds banyak (a lot), 133 days, but I've just checked the calendar and it is only 19 weeks away! Holy comolly, I better start training hey;-).

'Impossible is Nothing', is the well known Adidas slogan and how appropriate for my challenge?! Or perhaps not, anyhow, I'm looking forward to tomorrow as I've got a meeting lined up with the Adidas team. I can't wait to meet them. Hopefully I'll be able to post in my blog over the weekend that Adidas are in as a Supporter and Official Kit Sponsor of 'Running Bali to Jakarta'.

It will be big news - for me at least! Think best not to be too over confident though, but here's hoping I can convince them I'm serious about the challenge and the benefits we can bring to disadvantaged children through YCAB and MCK. Fingers and toes crossed they'll come through.

Berharap dan Berlari Terus, Scott