But first up the RB2J charity run!

It's hard to believe RB2J website has been 'live' longer than I've now got days left to go - 77 days V's 57 days to the start. Where does all the time go? On the training front I managed to peak at 150kms last week, of which only 12 of those ks I'd describe as nasty. To find out the why, where and what you'll need to be following www.twitter.com/berlariterus - please sign up,...you'll be more miserable for doing it;-)

Also, as exclusively revealed on twitter last week we have gained another corporate sponsor. A big thank you to Cipta Kridatama, a leading mining contractor service provider that has kindly donate Rp50 Million. Thank you Boedi Santoso for your great support! This latest contribution takes the current running total to Rp402Million rupiah, meaning we're 40% of the way towards my fund raising target with 8 weeks still to go.

This brilliant news is tempered by the fact Berlariterus is trying his level best to stay grounded under the media spotlight. Sad I know, but caught myself applying hair gel and checking if I'd put my shorts on the right way before heading out for my Sunday morning latte! In a way makes me reflect on whether all this Paparazzi is good for a simple lad from a kampong kecil on the Costa Del Clyde?

And on the subject of promotion. The Jakarta Expat newspaper has just joined the esteemed ranks of the Irvine Times, Irvine Herald, Daily Record and The Sun (all of 3 lines) as a publication that has supported RB2J in the past few weeks with some healthy exposure (click here). So thank you all. Hopefully there'll be a bit more press coverage in the lead up to March 8th.

As I said in my TV interview - sorry had to slip that in somehow - the promotion really is a necessary evil for the charity run. We've created a story that raises interest and through that we raise awareness for kids that need a little hope and help in their life. I believe we're making a small impact, and that is better than none at all. 

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm putting together a sponsors page on the website (click here) where I will table the names of all the special people and companies that contribute to my charity run. So unless I hear otherwise, I get the pleasure and satisfaction of publically acknowledging and thanking you all for your kind support.

Yours in Berlari Terus...