102 days to go and as I'll do very little running 3 weeks before the start I've really only got 80 days or so of training left. My weekly total was 118ks; to be honest a little less than planned but better than none at all hey.

This Tuesday (the 100 day mark) I'll start promoting my run to companies. If there is anyone out there that would like me to send an invitation letter with sponsorship levels and benefits then please just let me know.

For those that were following my tweets you might like to view the You Tube clip on my home page (the challenge). My wife, aka Luscious Lau  was having none of it re +100 followers on twitter and demanded to see 10 raw eggs consumed - she felt I gained unfair support in my quest to build followers (thanks to family, friends, new and old, and Sandi Uno for getting things moving for me on twitter)!

While I'm dishing out thanks I ought to also mention Julie W, Jim S, Jon T, Allan P and my Bababear Ky-Ky-Ly-Ky for their help over the past few days.

Will be back in a day or so with new and confirmed Running Bali to Jakarta Partners.

Yours in Berlari Terus