It's been a long time coming but almost there in terms of physical preparation. I finished up last week with 134 kms and working towards a 160 km total for this week. This weekend will see me close out my peak training by attempting to cover 127 kms across tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday - 3 different runs to try and keep things interesting.

I'm pretty sure (but not 100%) that there really isn't much more I can do to alter whether I've done enough (or not)!! Instead I'll enjoy a month long taper with more rest days and shorter sharper sessions. For my taper, I'll look to drop my weekly total to 80 kms, then down to 60, followed by 40 and finally 20 kms for the week before I start.

On the fund raising front, I am delighted to announce 3 new Silver Sponsors. They are:

* BIZNET Networks, the leading fixed line telecom and multimedia operate in Indonesia. Many thanks to Adi Kusma for your kind support of my charity run.

* Secondly, SK Networks. A Korean multi-national conglomerate with global interests spread over many sectors including energy and trading. My thanks go to Ray Lee for your support.

* And finally Indofoods.
Renowned as a well-established company with operations in all stages of food manufacturing. My sincere thanks go out to Indofoods and Werianty Setiawan for your sponsorship.

This lifts the fund raising total (with all donations) to Rp1,280,675,000 or just over US$141,000. Just magic! Unbelievable and on behalf of the beautiful and dedicated people of YCAB and MCK, thank you very much!! 

Let's see how things go, but will aim to get another blog post out over the weekend and let you know how my body is holding up as well as give you an update on some of the logistically support (thanks Malcolm L.) that is starting to take shape:D.

Hope you all have a great weekend... I know for some of you it starts on a Thursday night;-)!

Yours in Berlari Terus...