This of course is old news for those following my tweets, but for everyone else (including my Mum;-)), Berlari Terus is only 11% away from hitting the BHAG target of ONE BILLION RUPIAH!! Extraordinary was how I put it this morning. Rp890 Million and just short of the US$100,000 mark, thank you for your support - I just hope it doesn't end here. I've got so many people to thank for getting me to this point, however 2 ladies in particular have been immense over the past 2 months with their fantastic support, Sarah Kennedy and Ira Guntur from MCK and YCAB, thank you very much ladies!

The total funds raised were given a massive uplift this week as the result of individual donations collected by Veronica Colondam, the founder of YCAB, after she decided to sell off each of my 1250 kms at Rp1 Million per km. To date 326 kms have been sold off. An amazing response to the challenge, thank you family, friends and supporters of Vera! 

On the training front I've stepped into my final 2 weeks of hard training (its been a long time coming). I'll peak next weekend with 3 back to back marathon distance runs and then it will be a month long taper. With regards to last week's running I finished up with 125kms and trending much the same for this week. A bit disappointed this morning as I failed to get up and out the door breaking the cycle after 5 back to back half marathon runs (had planned to do 10 consecutively). Legs and body just weren't up for it this morning - it might have been the Tam O' Shanter rehearsal last night that did me in?! The legs ache constantly, no doubt the level of ache will become relative with time, lol. I know best to always listen to the body and rest... but there'll be none of that 6 weeks from now!

No excuses for tomorrow's run, time to sleep. Good night and sleep tight.

Yours in Berlari Terus...