I managed 20ks this morning, 40ks planned for tomorrow, 20ks for Sunday and another 20ks on Monday. That's the plan anyway. I'm just keen to strap together a 100kms over a long weekend and see how the body holds up.

It will help to have Green-Tea in town for the long run tomorrow, it's his first trip back to Jakarta since leaving and called last night to see if I would be interested in a run - he still doesn't know about my Bali to Jakarta run and is expecting a 20k trot tomorrow, haha!

Next week will be the week for finalising the sponsorship levels and also pushing out the details of my run to all my contacts (Lau has already beaten me to that). So with that in mind, I thought to reveal my corporate sponsorship levels later today. Hope you're all sitting down for it! Fair to say I'm aiming BIG, but why not as I doubt I'll attempt something like this again. Will post sponsorship details tonight.

Berlari Terus, hope you all have a good weekend.