It was a late start today and a corresponding late finish, nonetheless 54kms and that bit closer to home. Although with the one way road system in Tuban I'm sure I did a few extra kms than I had to by going inland to work my way through the centre of Town and then back out to the main coastal road. Not to worry, I'm in the hands of the police so happy to be guided along by what they deem to be the most appropriate route.
Running in the tropics as you can imagine requires constant management of the heat and humidity, particularly if lumbering on through midday and into the afternoon. Today was another day where I consumed upwards of 12 litres of fluid yet only had one tree/pee/wee stop all day (best not tell my mother lol).
Getting my fluids and fuel on board plus attending to my knees is made all the easier with a fantastic support crew overseen by P'Wawan, an absolute star and I can't thank him enough for all his help. Equally so, I must thank the G4S (P'Bayu and P'Warindi) and Medic One guys (Christian from Bali Airport to Surabaya and now Vani) for their efforts. They are so professional in looking out for my well being but don't hold back when it comes to helping out at every pit stop. The final member of my support crew is a young physiotherapist called Hendri from Surabaya Sport Physiotherapy. You're all doing a grand job, many thanks indeed.
Yours in Berlariterus...