Day 12 - 610kms covered.
The result of that effort is a blistered left foot, left achilles not great but we waddle on, left knee sore, right knee a mess, shin splints on the right calf, right hip sakit sekali. So pretty much everything south of the belly button malfunctioning. But worst of all are my love handles! I worked pretty hard on gaining weight beforehand (thinking I'd lose it in the first week) but after almost 2 weeks I'm still carrying those chunky side stores, what is that all about?!!
Closing out today puts me at the halfway point,  feel that it's far from all downhill though. My thoughts are becoming clearer for I realised today it has been 2 weeks since I consumed some chillies and drank some of that gold coloured stuff that comes in green bottles and small cans;-) That in itself must be a PB for me!!
Today I crossed the provincial border into Central Java. Leaving behind East Java which was emotional considering all that had passed. I've struggled for most of it but have received truly amazing support which heartened and hardened my resolve - Jawa Timur, terima kasih banyak.
Now for a week or so in Central Java, can't wait.
Yours in Berlariterus...