I thought today might happen but not so close to finishing line, what an absolute nightmare, apart from the first 15kms, up to passing under the sign for the Big Durian.
I think someone told me it was all downhill after Cirebon and I believed them. Something like 'you'll now be able to cruise into Jakarta'!?  Hmmm, makes me wonder, certainly no easy finish but will try my best to seek it out.
Today has been nothing but sun, heat and traffic from start to finish. It has been relentless and so oppressive that it beats any single blistering day in the Sahara race.
There was no shade from the sun, nor cover from my suffering in public; absolute unmitigated grind that will be sure to stay with me for a very long time.
Here's hoping my memory serves me well in the future and to help give it a jolt, I asked P'Wawan to take a photo of me shivering in bed... A storming finish to the day, not!  Perhaps I should frame the photo as a deterrent, but then again my misery doesn't quite show on the digital image. Haha, never again, shivering tired and sore but Day 21 is done, good for another 55kms that's 1080kms all up since I left Bali airport. Thank goodness we can now move on to Day 22.
Yours in Berlariterus...