Well after yesterday's shocker today proved to be 'it never always gets worse'. The body truly is amazing, not sure how you can go from my state of body (and mind) yesterday to running with ease today and probably closing out one of the quickest days over the past 3 weeks. Got no idea how that works but glad to have kept my chin to chest an muddled on through a particularly bad patch.
My big mate Krzys must take some of the credit for my rapid rebound with his surprise trip out last night. He did an awesome job of supporting me with his chat for the entire day, cheers mate. A great day it was (in the sun, aye) with the best pint of hot builders tea every produced (thanks Krzys) and all washed down with a packet of Hobnobs!
So all up 1134kms, 54kms for today and I'd say less than 116kms to the finish;-) I can't wait as you can imagine.
BTW for anyone that is interested and in Jakarta I will be finishing around 8.30am at the eastern car park at Seyanan (next to the golf driving range and the baseball arena) on Sunday morning. For those that would like to join me for the last 21, 10 or 5kms please do get in touch with YCAB (ira@ycab.org) they have done an amazing job of arranging a finish for me, a very lucky boy, thank you. Of course would love to see you all out there on Sunday.
Yours in Berlariterus...