Day 23 over, 53kms and 1187km in total. Today you'll will be delighted to hear was ALL downhill, not literally but it came so easy... knew it would happen eventually, haha.
It would also appear that I'm a day ahead of schedule(!) with only around 50kms or so to go to the finish at Senayan. The decision to push on and finish through the night or tomorrow sometime was taken out of my hands with YCAB kindly arranging a run in on Sunday morning. Thanks again guys. Been told 600 people have already signed up to run with Berlariterus, unreal, I'm honestly humbled and honoured by all the fuss, thank you.
So tomorrow will be a short run of 25kms or so, to leave me with the same again on Sunday morning. I simply can't comprehend that I've ran my last 50kms and will hang up the old running shoes;-) For a while anyway!
It will be an even bigger shock to the system to get into the office on Monday and back to reality. I actually can't wait. It has been an amazing 23 days on the road but it's time now to return to a bit of normality.
My end of the agreement of running from Bali to Jakarta with the many sponsors and supporters is just about done, with a short day tomorrow I'll try to give a brief update on the fund raising appeal.
2 sleeps and 2 short runs to go.
Yours in berlariterus...