If I thought yesterday was quick then today was over in the blink of an eye. After averaging almost 52kms per day for 23 consecutive days I only had to work my way through 27kms today. It was all over in no time with the help of 7 friends from Senayan Runners (thanks to Riena, Park, Richard, Timo, Yuda, Heru and Ira). Once again I had the support out on the road of Peter and Vera (YCAB) both running and cycling from start to finish, thanks guys. Early on in the run we had a 5 minute stop at Achilles Radial's factory (one of my Gold Sponsors) to meet up with staff and employees. Managed a few photographs before heading back onto the road with our running group now expanded to over 100!
I also have my Mum and Dad out from Scotland!! They"ve been with me the past 2 days which has been very special indeed - just lovely to be able to share the final few days with you both, thanks Mum and Dad for coming out for an early summer:-). A great day then which leaves me the final 25kms to take my overall RB2J run total to 1239kms. I can now say that it has been a very loonnnggggg run!
This project has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I believe the most demanding physically and mentally. I feel very fortunate to have met so many kind people along the way and seen so many memorable sights. At the moment my memory is a little muddled but over time will unravel to leave an indelible warm and remarkable experience on my conscience. You have been too kind to Berlariterus. Thank you so much for looking out for me on the road and supporting me the whole way.
As I've mentioned before, running home from Bali was only ever about raising money, and with the help and generosity of many the current fund raising total sits at an unbelievable Rp3.8billion (which equates to almost US$420,000)! Thank YOU all for believing in my project.
So that's it folks, 1 more run to get me into the centre of Jakarta. This final run tomorrow will see me close out at Senayan (next to the driving range on Jl. Sudirman) at around 8.30am. I believe there will be a few of the YCAB kids joining the run and also at the finish a few of the MCK kids will be present. I can't wait to see you all.
Yours in Berlariterus...