As it turned out my longest day yesterday, was followed today by my toughest. Now I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
So today I managed quite successfully to endure 52kms of misery down my right side and no doubt my left side will follow suit tomorrow or the day after. Serves you right I hear you cry. But how can it be? All the training these past months with no major issues to speak of and then a day or so into my run and my right knee and now hip are more than a touch unwell. Sure I expected muscular/joint issues but not as early as this, goodness me!!! My issues stems from my right IT band, tendonitis firmly lodged in my knee which is putting stress on the rest of my body. Got no choice but to adapt and hope my body does too.
Today was tough going and early on I wondered what I'd created for myself. I had no where to hide and fully exposed with an entourage of 2 police cars, 4 motorcycle out-riders plus my 2 support cars and me sandwiched in the middle of a cavalcade a head of state would be happy with. But got no one to blame but myself hey.
So safe to say I wasn't in great place for most of the day but what helped me immeasurably (and in ways I struggle to describe) were the families and schools coming out along the road to search out for 'berlariterus' as I passed by. Little did they know that I was searching them out too, drawing my own bit of inspiration from their big smiles and looking to their eyes for some comfort. And as its 2012, I suppose it's ok to briefly highlight my low point of today. It was compounded by the fact my bababear had recorded a couple of songs and then uploaded onto my ipod shuffles. So here I was feeling alone and sorry for myself in the tropical heat of the day, 30kms still to go, my body jarring on every step, listening to my ipod and then hearing my bababear sing a couple of covers (very well I might add).
Now the police escort front and back, and support cars can see I'm running, listening to music, trying to eat a banana and drink some watered down chocolate milk but oblivious to the fact I'm crying my eyes out. Haha, again a right auld mess Berlariterus. Does make me laugh though typing this out:-)
So what now. Well the strategy is very simple as auld Nick put it: km by km, day by day. I do find once I get over the first 2 hours the body and mind appear to work in tandem to be more excepting. I've also been waking up nauseous and thinking about what lies ahead!! Soft lad and happy days ahead!
Anyhow, will finish off now with a clear mantra for the next 3 weeks... 'IT NEVER ALWAYS GETS WORSE'. That's good enough for me.
Yours in berlariterus...