Day 6 over with and another 50kms closer to Jakarta. Happy with that thought. My total kms now sitting at 307.
Today was a lot quieter out on the road and spent most of the day passing paddy field after paddy field.
It was however a nice change to look down at the coal stockpile at the Paiton power plant complex. Must be over 11 years from when I paid the plant a visit, would never have thought the next time I would be passing by would be on foot!
Looking down on all that coal made me think of off the team as missing out on the monthly management meetings. Goodness me, I'll be glad to get back to the office and normality of life. Seems like an appropriate time to thank Lawrence and the Harum Energy team for their support and for allowing me to disappear out of the office for 17 days. Managing to use up all but 3 days of this year's annual leave but what a return!! The fund raising appeal total is now over 3.5 billion Rupiah and closing in on the US$400,000 mark. Thank you all, and again on behalf of YCAB and MCK thank you for contributing so generously towards my charity run.
Yours in Berlariterus...