100kms achieved the past 2 days. It's all about moving forward and I can be happy with that fact. My knee is not great, but believe getting through today was a milestone in that I'm now a third of the way into my project with 407kms clocked. I hope the next couple of days will pass in a blink or 2 and when I surface I'll be that bit closer to the half way point and still moving forward. Fingers and knees crossed.
My run involved 50kms of flat running as I moved my way along the north coast. However does seem odd to be heading directly north for the next 70kms in order to go via Surabaya when my destination is due west!
Finishing point today was downtown Sidorajo which was achieved around 4pm after a forced 2km detour off the planned route. No probs and all set for tomorrow.
Yours in Berlariterus...