I had my best run in 4 or 5 days today and although the body hasn't healed I feel it's starting to adapt to the daily slog. I wonder if this is my second wind blowing through, certainly hope so.
Today was a memorable day and I had a chuckle to myself at what I've created as we paraded through Indonesia's second largest city - Surabaya. I felt extremely honoured for the 9th day in a row to have the support of the police.
To anyone out there who was held up by our passage through the city centre, I apologise for any congestion or frustration caused on the roads of Surabaya. All day it was simply a case of plain sailing across road intersections allowing safe passage for a convoy that must have stretched for as far as the eye could see. Ok a slight exaggeration but we must have stretched out for 100 metres at times - definitely an experience not to be forgotten nor repeated - by me at least;-).
I was thrilled my friend Nigel took the time to fly down from Jakarta and join me for the day, a great run mate! I had the pleasure of Mr Sapta joining me for the day, thanks for biking/running the entire 50kms. We also had Pak Didi and team TBT joining us, of course Pak Eddy and for part of the way team Honda was well represented! Thank you all for a great day in Surabaya.
Yours in Berlariterus...