Dead men tell no lies, nor do dead legs. All good from the waist up but reckon will need of some punishing reflexi to revive my weary legs! Both pins are not feeling their best and it took a wee while to get them moving today.

Struggled a tad yesterday too (end up running on my own as green tea had 1 to many green teas the night before) but finished up with 34ks in the morning and then a quick (read slow) 6ks on the treadmill in the afternoon. I followed this up with 21ks this morning which raised my total for the week to 115k. Nice to finally run more kms than days left to go - 109 on that front.

BTW, set up a twitter account 2 days ago to cover my run. I've been tweating to only myself up 'til now, shame hey, so if you're feeling sorry for me or are even remotely interested in receiving 'runningbalitojakarta' updates and all my breaking news regarding the run then please give me a follow at @berlariterus - - thanks a stack.

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