Time has marched on and I need to move on too by closing out my Running Bali to Jakarta project. The past month has given me ample time to rest up, catch up on all the things I missed during the run and to reflect back on what an incredible experience it proved to be. Also since finishing my run I've managed to get a head to toe (and knee) medical. I'm delighted to say folks I've been given a clean bill of health. You could say that's a green light to start preparation and planning on another fund raising challenge, what do you think?!

I do like that idea and funny enough I've got a couple of things in mind;-) Will first though need time to chill and of course I'll need to secure two more green lights from Laura and Bababear before I can get serious about what's the next best thing?

Closing out now with one of my favourite photos, one that sums up the Running Bali to Jakarta experience for me.

Take care, all the best then to friends new and old, and one last RB2J thank you - THANK YOU. Done.

Yours in Berlariterus...

PS: Will be in touch