I met Alzena yesterday, well we actually just waved back and forward. Although the photo doesn't capture it, Alzena was in great spirits bouncing around her bed and chatting away to her Dad. Without a care in the world you might think watching her. 

MCK provided the following information to me.
'Alzena is suffering from neuroblastoma and was transferred from a private hospital late last year. Her family had to sign a letter of debt to the private hospital because they could no longer afford to pay the treatment costs. Initially the family were paying everything, now they have nothing more to give. Because the family chose to go to a private hospital in the first instance they are now ineligible for the government insurance, even though their financial position now is grave.'

'Hence their transfer to Cipto Hospital where MCK are picking up the bills for the tests and the chemo she was receiving. MCK also paid for a series of initial treatments including Immunophenotype (a technique used to diagnose and categorise lymphomas and leukemias), ECG, Xrays etc) in November last year.

Reason enough for RB2J... 

Yours in Berlari Terus