Who is funding it & what are sponsorship opportunities you may ask? I would like to point out that expenses associated with the run will be out of my own pocket and only the 2 charities will financially benefit from the run. I will aim to secure 5 corporate product and service sponsors to support me during the run, which as well as looking after my welfare, I believe these companies will assist in the promotion of the challenge to a wider audience; namely a sports apparel sponsor, drink and energy snack sponsor, escort vehicle and a  medical support sponsor. I will also be firming up with media partners to help promote the fund raising challenge before, during and post run. All this I hope in the coming weeks.

My current thinking, although this may change(!), is to work hard to secure 5 'Gold' Corporate Sponsors. For a sizeable donation these companies will get naming rights against 1 of the 5 provinces that I will pass through and all the associated publicity. Will then look to offer a further 25 'Silver' Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, 1 for each day of my run. I've still got to work out the details and what the offering will encompass, so if there are any thoughts or advice out there then please send them my way. My 'Bronze' sponsors, I've just decided that's what we'll call everyone else - so whether it be a company or an individual, and no matter how large or small or what size or shape the donation maybe, I'll then aim to put together a 'Roll of Supporters' that will be posted with everyones name on a new page of the website.

So there you have it,' Running Bali to Jakarta' in a nutshell. Yours in Berlari Terus!