I am delighted to announce on my blog today, with a little less than 99 days to go, that we have secured our first corporate sponsor. A BIG warm and sweaty thank you to David Nolan and the Golder team - GOLDER ASSOCIATES RP50 MILLION - really chuffed, thank you.

'Golder Associates is a respected, employee-owned, global company providing consulting, design, and construction services in our specialist areas of earth, environment, and the related areas of energy. From 160 offices worldwide, more than 7,000 employees work with clients to manage their environmental and engineering activities in a technically sound, economically viable, and socially responsible manner - www.golder.com'

I might add that David has followed this up with a very generous pledge himself, as has Ken McClure and Jim Docherty yesterday, thanks gents. I've also just received a 4 figure sum pledged by Ian Oglive and he has promised to double it if I finish!!!! Nothing like a financial incentive, many thanks. 

Will stay in touch, cheers for now. Berlari Terus...