This project never was about the run or claiming a world-first. Sure it's the title and it's the 'story', but Running Bali to Jakarta is the by-product of a rather large fund raising goal, and something I need to deliver on now. Obviously I've got a bloody long way to go (around 1.5 million strides) before hopefully delivering on my promise to our many generous sponsors. 

But never in my wildest dreams - and I've had a few - did I expect that we would be sitting today with the fund raising total at US$ 339,167 or Rp 3,052,506,000. Amazing response dear friends, thank you so much for backing my fund raising appeal!

On the logistical/support side I've had tremendous help in lowering my expenses for the run and would like to thank the following companies. But before I do a special thank you to the ladies at YCAB (in collaboration with Sandiago Uno and his team) for their assistance in getting the all important permits in place, thank you one and all. 

So here we go, my key support partners on the road:
1. I've got enough running gear to last me the full 25 days and more, thank you to Adidas Indonesia and Cinthya Rizal
2. Escort vehicle and GPS tracker supplied by G4S, Jonathan Plums Tedd, thank you very much
3. A paramedic will be supplied in tandem with the G4S escort vehicle, many thanks to Vivi Wirahadikusumah of Medic One
4. The all important hydration, courtesy of Danone with Aqua / Mizone products, thank you Alberto Salvia
5. Support car carrying all my personal gear supplied by Boral Indonesia, big thank you to Malcolm LLewellyn
6. Food stuffs including my favourite chocolate long life milk provided by Indofoods, many thanks
Werianty Setiawan

7. A big thank you to Raty Ning and PACTO for helping with my hotel/accommodation needs from Bali to Jakarta, thanks guys
8. And finally but by no means least, Surabaya Physiotherapy Clinic will provide physio support along the route, appreciate your support Asep Aziz, thank you

I'm sure my body is going to wonder what has hit it come 8th of March - only got 60 more kms to jog out to keep loose between now and the start. 14 more sleeps 'aja.

Yours in Berlari Terus...