FIVE more days to go and scrambling to gather together the supplies required to ensure all the logistics are in place. Probably should be worried,.. but a little late to start fretting now;-)

The focus always was on the fund raising with the preparation and planning part of the run assigned the back seat. Thankfully I'm getting lots of help at the office (thanks in particular to Mr Budi and Sicilia) and also thanks to Jim Collyer for his help earlier this week on the routing. The support vehicle gets packed tonight and will head off tomorrow morning leaving me with just a hand carry bag for my flight down on Tuesday.  Almost there.

Must dash, short post, got lots to do and people to see. I'm sure everything will fall into place come Thursday morning, 6am, Arrivals meet & greet area, Bali International Airport. Many thanks for all your best wishes, good lucks and show of support.

And to the many sponsors out there, thank you for making a difference. As of 1st March, the difference in money terms is Rp3,308,766,000 or $367,640. On behalf of YCAB and MCK thank YOU very much.

Yours in Berlaris Terus...