Running Bali to Jakarta

Fund Raising

There are 2 wonderful charities that I will be running for and there are a couple of ways in which you can make a donation, of any shape or size. As the saying goes, "if you CAN'T help a 100 people, then help just ONE."

If it suits we can accept your pledges and then revert back to secure your kind support. If easier we will gladly accept cash donations and ensure your funds are provided to your chosen charity. Once again, thank you all so much for your support.

Please inform me via email (  if you would like to pledge and/or make a donation to either of these charities. 

 Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa

Veronica Colondam established YCAB Foundation in 1999. YCAB is the abbreviation for the organisation's full name, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, which translates to 'Loving The Nation's Children Foundation'. YCAB strongly believes that every child should have an equal opportunity to live a life to the fullest with an overiding vision of 'Enabling Youth, Developing Independence'.

 The yayasan has grown and evolved into one of the most respected non-profit organisations in Indonesia with its focus on youth development through education, economic assistance and welfare creation for a better and sustainable future. The aim of YCAB is to help under-privileged youth to develop independence by becoming self-providing individuals in adult life.

YCAB states 'We HeLP youth, we HoLD them for some time while educating and giving them real HOpE in their lives'. Their 3 programmes are simply: HeLP, HoLD and HOpE. Please see website for further details on the wonderful work they pioneer and support, programmes I hope we can support too. 

 PayPal credit card donations - Please Click

Your donation can be made direct to: 

Bank Central Asia

Branch: Sunrise Garden, Jakarta

Account name: Yayasan Cinta Anak Banga

Account no. 6500311311 (Rupiah) or 6500390423 (US Dollar)

Swift code: CENAIDJA / IBN no.: 0146500


 Mary's Cancer Kiddies

Mary's Cancer Kiddies (MCK) is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers. Their goal is to assist children from financially disadvantaged families by giving them access to the medical treatment they need and to help them go through a difficult time with dignity. MCK was established by Mary Binks in 2003 and is officially registered as a social welfare organization, registration number: 94 / BKKKS / Sket-OBH / 12-08.

If you would like to help, please transfer direct to MCK and advise me so we can track your donation. Please note that 100% of all funds raised are used to cover medical costs as the MCK volunteers cover all administrative costs. For more information please visit the website

Your donation can be made direct to:

PT. Bank Rabobank International Indonesia 

Bank branch: Rasuna Said, Jakarta

Account name: Mary's Cancer Kiddies

Account no.: 9923588822

Swift code: RABOIDJA


Pay Pal credit card donations  - Please Click